Each year the Delft Design for Values Institute distributes a call for proposals for its open subsidy program among TU Delft researchers. The second call, which was distributed in July 2018, led to five new seed projects in which researchers from different TU Delft faculties collaborate:

Experiences and findings of the projects will be shared in our playground meetings, and project events will be included in our events section.

The DDFV Institute wishes all researchers involved in these projects a fruitful process.

The aim of the open subsidy program is to stimulate cooperation across groups towards more synergy and increase the visibility, awareness, and outreach of Design for Values activities. All projects are collaborations of researchers of at least two of the four founding faculties of the DDFV Institute. Examples of activities that can be funded include, but are not limited to: the organization of workshops and seminars, the execution of proof of concept experiments, the preparation of larger research grant applications, the development of new teaching materials, and hosting foreign guest researchers.