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Understanding the complexities of designing for a circular economy

International companies see the move towards a circular and sustainable economy as a complex but necessary challenge. This Master Class helps you understand this thinking and the role you can play in responding to this challenge.

The Master Class hosts a mixture of interactive tutorials and workshops with the aim of plunging you into the theory and practice of designing for a circular economy. The decision to embed circular economy principles is a strategic business decision; this has a huge impact on the way products are developed and designed. The MC addresses the social and technical implications for product design using examples from practice, and provides design approaches that are embedded in theory whilst being pragmatic and usable for designers.


Learning Objectives

During this master class, you will learn to:

  • understand the systems-perspective needed for the transition to a circular economy;
  • understand how design can contribute to a circular & sustainable economy;
  • use tools and techniques to implement circular economy principles in design processes;
  • reflect on ways to overcome the barriers for going circular.


  • Theory and practice of designing for a circular economy;
  • Circular product design tools and methods.