Neil Yorke-Smith, Associate Professor of Algorithmics at TU Delft and DDFV researcher, spoke yesterday in Dubai at the STEP Conference 2018, the largest experiential tech festival in the Middle East.

In his talk Dr. Yorke-Smith discussed the implications of AI and big data on citizenship.  He argued that citizen’s rights can be enhanced in the AI age, if technology is developed and deployed in the context of responsible ethical, legal, and social values — as DDFV researchers are studying.

The debate on identity and citizenship sharpened last year, when Saudi Arabia granted citizenship to a robot named Sophia. Dr. Yorke-Smith explored the implications raised by notions of ‘rights’ for autonomous AI systems such as robots.

Big data algorithms are slated to compute the ‘citizen score’ of individuals in China, based on profile, behavior and social network. Dr Yorke-Smith also highlighted the work of DD4V Affiliate Researcher prof. Dirk Helbing, who is examining data and democracy.