Value Assessment (DDfV Playground meeting)

/Value Assessment (DDfV Playground meeting)
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The next playground meeting will take place on Thursday, May 16, from 12:00 to 13:30, at the Faculty of IDE (room Norbert Roozenburg, 1st floor, route). The theme of this playground meeting is “Value Assessment“ and follows up on the DDfV Fundamentals lecture on Value Assessment two days earlier. During the playground, Evert van Beek will present his project about values in the design of smart objects and lead a generative session where we design our own smart objects. The presentation and session will kickstart discussion and sharing of insights.

DDfV Visiting Guest Dr. Elisabeth Lex will be present at the playground to join the discussion. We invite you to send in insights, questions and remarks that you would like to address during this of future playground meetings, or to volunteer or nominate someone for a pitch presentation. If you register for the meeting (,  we can order you lunch, but feel free to drop in at the last moment as well, also without registering. To add this event to your digital calendar, you can use this ical download.

This playground meeting is part of the program of Dr. Elisabeth Lex’s guest visit to TU Delft from 13-19 May. The playground will be followed by a workshop, giving you a chance to further explore the topic and opportunities for collaboration together with Dr. Lex.

Playground meetings are our informal lunch meetings for discussing design for values topics and sharing ideas and insights. They are planned monthly on the 3rd Thursday and rotate between the four DDfV faculties. Each meeting is centered around a theme, like ‘design for wellbeing’, or ‘value conflict’. You are invited to send in ideas for topics or questions to address during these meetings, or to volunteer or nominate someone for a pitch presentation. Curious about the playground meetings? Check out our blog post about last December’s edition on ‘Design for Privacy’.