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Designing Artificial Advice Givers that Consider Perspective & Affect (2017-2018)

This DDFV seed project will influence the design of explanation-aware algorithms and interfaces. By experimentation with human participants, it will investigate how perspective and affect influence critical thinking and motivated numeracy.


3D Virtual Modeling for Value Assessment in Heritage Debates (2017-2018)

Historic monuments result from (often century-old) societal preferences of the past, and their restoration, reconstruction or adaptive reuse creates intensive debates on contemporary moral and social values among heritage specialists as well as citizens and even tourists. This project develops 3D urban models as a tool for visualization to support debates about values in urban heritage.


Research through Design for Values (2017-2018)

Research through Design (RtD) is a unique program, funded by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO), that aims to clarify distinctions and characteristics of design research in relation to the more established fields of science. This additional DDFV seed project aim to collect and safeguard insights on research on values which are likely not captured in current RtD projects.


Values and the Design of Housing Systems (2017-2018)

This interdisciplinary project explores whether a philosophical angel from the perspective of Design for Values can provide fruitful input for housing systems and whether the housing system angel may provide for a fruitful case study for discussion in applied/engineering ethics, and more specifically for Design for Values approaches.

About the Seed Program

Each year the Delft Design for Values Institute distributes a call for proposals for its open subsidy program among TU Delft researchers. The aim of this subsidy is to stimulate cooperation across groups towards more synergy and increase the visibility, awareness, and outreach of Design for Values activities. Examples of activities that can be funded include, but are not limited to: the organization of workshops and seminars, the execution of proof of concept experiments, the preparation of larger research grant applications, the development of new teaching materials, and hosting foreign guest researchers. The second call was distributed in July 2018.

More information

TU Delft researchers who would like more information on the DDFV Seed Program can contact:

  • Linda Rindertsma
    Linda Rindertsma
    DDFV Community Manager
Linda Rindertsma
DDFV Community Manager

Linda Rindertsma is the contact person for TU DELFT RESEARCHERS interested in participating in the Delft Design for Values Institute.