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To people who are interested to learn more about design for values and responsible innovation more broadly TU Delft faculty offer a number of MOOCs or open online courses:

Banner of the design for values MOOC

Design for Values

A course for engineers who want to increase their knowledge on how to integrate moral and societal values into their work. By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Apply value-sensitive-design as a way to integrate values into the design of your own technology and/or project
  • Recognize how values play a role in design processes
  • Identify the different stakeholders in the design process
  • Translate values into design requirements using the ‘values hierarchy’
  • Recognize value conflicts in design
  • Develop strategies for overcoming value conflicts in design

Through a combination of short online lectures given by design and innovation experts, practical exercises, webinars and individualized feedback, you will learn the concept and principles of Design for Values and how to use this approach effectively for the organization’s innovation strategy and societal responsibilities.

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Prof. Jeroen van den Hoven, one of the instructors for this course, on the Dutch approach to responsible innovation and value sensitive design:

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Responsible Innovation: Ethics, Safety and Technology

This course is for all engineering students who are looking for a methodical approach to judge responsible innovations from a broader – societal- perspective. What you’ll learn:

  • Understand the urgent need to include ethical questions with respect to (new) technology.
  • Know various ways/instruments to analyze risks of new technologies, both forward looking as backward looking (causes of accidents)
  • Understand various types of innovation (like radical, niche, incremental, frugal ) and the conditions for success
  • Know how to deal with unknown risks (deep uncertainty) when it comes to new technologies
  • Are able to critically reflect on new technologies from an ethical and risk perspective (case studies).
  • Understand the concept of responsible innovation and Value Sensitive Design (VSD) and the implications for the design process
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A video introducing this course:

Banner from the course page on strategic leadership and responsible innovation

Strategic Leadership for Responsible Innovation

This is the right course for entrepreneurs, business executives, developers and managers who are eager to think ‘out-of-the-box’ about social responsibility and technological innovation within their organization. By the end of this course, you will:

  • Have a working knowledge of the concept of Responsible Innovation (RI) including all its practicalities.
  • Be able to consider how to increase your competitive advantage through responsible innovation.
  • Evaluate approaches to drive RI in new and successful business models.
  • Be aware of the pitfalls of over-engineering.
  • Assess the implications of RI for your innovation strategy.
  • Be able to lead the process of RI within your organization.

By innovating responsibly, your organization will both contribute to a better world and also benefit commercially. After this course you will be able to include RI in your business models and polices. This will have a clear spin-off value for your reputation, competitive advantage and long term value.

More info on this course

Prof. Cees van Beers, one of the instructors for this course, on how frugal innovations can be considered to be responsible innovations:

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