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The research of the DDFV Institute comprises existing Design for Values research projects as already done by the participating faculties and their researchers, new Design for Values research projects the participants develop through the DDFV Institute by exchanging results and collaboration, and overarching research for supporting these existing and new research projects.

Main routes to incorporate values

The Delft Design for Values Institute provides mechanisms for the incorporation of moral and social values in technologies through their design processes. It distinguishes three main routes:

  • Embodiment of values in design – designers incorporate consciously or unconsciously moral and social values into their designs;
  • Generation of values through design – it is acknowledged that design have impacts on the values of users, and is this mechanism made a tool to designers;
  • Mitigation of value failures in design – ejection of new technologies by users or society by mismatches between the design and the values of users or society are anticipated and avoided.

Research themes

Research activities of DDFV will be organised along four themes:

  1. Value operationalisation
  2. Value assessment
  3. Value dynamics
  4. Value conflict

See the overview of D4V projects and initiatives.